Why Cinch IT?

We offer complete customized IT solutions and support plans.

Unlike many IT companies, we don’t just “take orders.” We ask the right questions to find out what you actually need from your technology, and we use our vast experience to identify and recommend effective solutions for your most difficult challenges.

We are dedicated, knowledgeable professionals.

Each business we work with is assigned a specific team of IT consultants so we are familiar with your system and needs inside and out. Your team will gain a sound understanding of your business, acting as an extension to your own internal operations as opposed to an outside IT company. Most importantly, our dedicated IT service approach allows for uninterrupted support so you’ll never experience a lag in service due to an employee being on vacation or assisting another client.

We extend lower costs with higher productivity.

If you are a small business owner who is plagued with slow computers, viruses, or email issues then give Cinch IT a call. We go beyond providing reactive IT services to fix your immediate problems. Our consultative, proactive approach will help you prolong the life of your systems, thus saving you money and enhancing your productivity.

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