Anti Virus Protection

Cinch IT uses AV Defender which  is built on the award winning Bitdefender® Internet Security platform with the best protection 3 years straight and the lowest impact on performance.

Antivirus software is specifically written to defend a system against the threats that malware presents. Microsoft strongly recommends using antivirus software because it will defend your computer systems against all forms of malware, not just viruses.
Signature scanning. The majority of antivirus software programs currently use this technique, which involves searching the target (host computer, disk drive, or files) for a pattern that could represent malware. These patterns are generally stored in files referred to as signature files, which are updated by the software vendors on a regular basis to ensure the antivirus scanners recognize as many known malware attacks as possible. The main problem with this technique is that the antivirus software must already be updated to counteract the malware before the scanner can recognize it.
Heuristic scanning. This technique attempts to detect both new and known forms of malware by looking for general malware characteristics. The primary advantage of this technique is that is does not rely on signature files to identify and counteract malware. However, heuristic scanning does have a number of specific problems, including:
False positives. This technique uses general characteristics, and is therefore
prone to reporting legitimate software as malware if the characteristic is
similar in both cases.
Slower scanning. The process of looking for characteristics is more difficult
for the software to achieve than looking for a known malware pattern. For this
reason, heuristic scanning can take longer than signature scanning.
New characteristics may be missed. If a new malware attack presents a
characteristic that has not been previously identified, the heuristic scanner is
likely to miss it until it is updated.
Behavior blocking. This technique focuses on the behavior of a malware attack rather than the code itself. For example, if an application attempts to open a network port, a behavior blocking antivirus program could detect this as typical malware activity, and then flag the behavior as a possible malware attack.

Many antivirus vendors are now using a mixture of these techniques in their antivirus solutions in an attempt to improve the overall protection level of their customers’ computer systems.

Cinch IT uses AV Defender which is the most comprehensive Anti-Virus software we have found.