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How to replace laptop memory.

Replacing memory is a cheap way to speed up your computer and improve your multi-tasking capabilities. Sometimes, bad memory can even be the cause of a computer not being able to boot, so it is a worthwhile thing to... Read more
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Mass Council Regional Networking Breakfast!

Cinch IT will be at the Mass Council Regional Networking Breakfast on Wednesday, May 30 from 8:30 to 10:30am. It will be held at Home Staff on 40 Millbrook St, Worcester, MA. The main topic will be about personal... Read more

Cinch IT at the 2012 Spring Director’s Conference!!

Check out Rick and Helen at the Spring Director’s Conference representing Cinch IT! The Spring Director’s Conference is for businesses, specifically those in home care agencies, that need more information on compliance with Fair Share Employer requirements and others,... Read more

What is an anti-static leash? How do I use an anti-static leash?

An anti-static leash is a very useful tool used to protect your computer from shock. Have you ever walked on carpet and shocked yourself touching a doorknob? Well, if you shock your computer like that you could very well... Read more

How to repair a computer virus/malware

If you’ve got a computer virus, it is not the end of the world. You don’t even have to feel bad! Even the most savvy computer users will probably get one at some point. Here is what you can... Read more

Cinch IT Featured in Worcester Business Journal!

Check out this awesome article in the Worcester Business Journal! Cinch IT is happy to call ourselves your IT experts. Read more